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Where My Taxes Go

See what your property tax dollars support.

Property Tax Rate Book

See property tax rates and equalized assessed values.

Property Tax Highlights

Read an overview of the administration of property taxes and the collection and distribution of taxes.

Special Assessments

See Special Assessments' contact list, parcel-tax exemptions, annual parcel tax levy amounts, and enrollment information for Schools, Cities, and Special Districts.

Property Tax Distributions

Property Tax Distribution Charts

See how 1% assessed-value property taxes are distributed.

Property Tax Distribution Schedule

Look at the monthly tax distribution schedule.

School Distributions

See property tax distributions for schools.

City Distributions

See property tax distributions for cities.

Special District Distributions

See property tax distributions for special districts.

Learn about Property Taxes

Property Tax Apportionment ​Demystified

Learn how Property Taxes are distributed in California with an overview of legislative history and its impact on tax revenue.

Three groups—County Assessor, Controller-Treasurer, and Tax Collector—administer the County's property taxes:​

  • The Assessor is responsible for establishing assessed values used in calculating property taxes, and maintaining ownership and address information
  • The Controller-Treasurer's Property Tax Division allocates and distributes the taxes to the appropriate jurisdictions countywide
  • The Tax Collector bills and collects the taxes and reports the amount collected to the Controller-Treasurer

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