COVID-19 Financial Tracking Dashboards

Cost Tracking Dashboard

The Cost tracking dashboards capture expenses incurred by the County of Santa Clara as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides an open and transparent accounting of the County's COVID-19 expenditures.

Four dashboards are presented as follows:

  • Cost by Day
  • Cost by County Agency/Department
  • Cost by Vendor
  • Cost by Category

Data Notes:

The first two dashboards show costs by County agencies and cost classifications known as “Object 1” and “Object 2.” Object 1 represents salaries/pay and benefits paid to County employees who spent time on COVID-19 related activities, including temporary hires and overtime. Object 2 shows costs of services, supplies, contractors, equipment, and other items that are associated with COVID-19 programs and activities. The Cost by Vendor dashboard list expenditure for only ‘Object 2’ Service and supplies. The cost by Category dashboard classifies expenditure per COVID-19 categories and sub-categories.

Information will be added to the dashboards as received and is described below:

  • Payroll costs will be added every two weeks after the County’s biweekly payroll is generated.
  • Object 2 costs for the County’s hospitals and clinics will be updated weekly with the exception of pharmacy and drug costs which will be updated monthly.
  • Object 2 for costs for the rest of the County will be updated daily.

Note there can be significant time lag when an item is ordered and entered in the County’s accounting systems, and the dates on the dashboard represent when an item was entered into the County’s accounting systems and not the date the item was actually purchased or received.

Revenue Tracking Dashboard

The revenue tracking dashboards outline federal and state grants received by the County of Santa Clara for COVID-19 pandemic response and economic recovery. The dashboards provide an open and transparent accounting of the County’s COVID-19 state grant and federal revenues from various funding sources. The revenue dashboards cannot be matched directly to the Covid-19 expense dashboard due to timing and eligibility requirements.

Two dashboards are presented as follows:

  • COVID-19 Revenue by Funding Source Group
  • COVID-19 Revenue by County Department


In addition to above dashboards, detail data and grant source description is listed in the data and notes tab of the dashboard.

To download data related to the dashboard above, please visit:​​.

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