Property Tax Distribution

Property Tax Distribution Schedule

Look at the monthly tax distribution schedule.

Vehicle License Fees Distribution (SB1096)

See the summary schedule of Vehicle License Fees (VLFs) allocated to cities within the county.

Excess ERAF Distribution

Review the current actual and next year’s estimated distribution of Excess ERAF to cities.

Redevelopment Agency Dissolution

Review information about winding down the Redevelopment Agencies.

Property Tax Information

Cities Meetings

Read reports for quarterly Cities Meetings.

Property Tax Rate Book

See property tax rates and equalized assessed values.

Property Tax Highlights

Read an overview of the administration of property taxes and the collection and distribution of taxes.

Property Tax Distribution Charts

See how 1% assessed-value property taxes are distributed.

Property Tax Apportionment Demystified

Learn how property taxes are distributed in California with an overview of legislative history and its impact on tax revenue.

Special Assessments​

Annual Enrollment

Enroll in Special Assessments and update your enrollment information.​

Annual Levy Amounts

See parcel tax amounts levied by Cities, Schools, and Special Districts.

Districts Contact List

View contact information for Special Assessments by district.


See who is exempt from Special Assessment parcel taxes.

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