Property Tax Information

Where My Taxes Go

See what your property tax dollars support.

Property Tax Distribution Charts

See how 1% assessed-value property taxes are distributed.

Property Tax Rate Book

See property tax rates and equalized ​assessed values.

Property Tax Highlights

Read an overview of the administration of property taxes and the collection and distribution of taxes.

Special Assessment Exemptions

Learn about and apply for a Special Assessment-Parcel Tax exemption.

Districts Contact List

Contact the Agencies that manage Special Assessment-Parcel Taxes.

Property Tax Apportionment Demystified

Learn how property taxes are distributed in California with an overview of legislative history and its impact on tax revenue.


Federal Compliance Audits
Single Audit Reports

Review audits of County services that receive Federal funding.

County Costs

Fees and Charges

Look at all County fees and charges.

Financial Reports


See the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

County Investments

See how the County invests funds.

Component Units

Review the financial statements of the County's Component Units—legally independent organizations tied to the County that oversee services like healthcare, libraries, sanitation, fire fighting, and vector control.

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